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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  July 23, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, an 11-year-old girl is in critical condition after being caught in the crossfire. the death toll is rising in norway, just who is the the man police say is responsible for so much carnage. and the untimely -- for some not surprising, the death of amy wine houaus. the news starts right now. good evening, i'm garvin thomas in for diane dwyer. san francisco police announced a
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short while ago they have arrested two men in connection with the shooting of an 11-year-old girl last night. kim berry terry is live at san francisco general hospital, where the girl is being treated. i understand you have spoken with her family? >> we have heard from her family, who says she's in critical but stable condition here at san francisco general hospital. they say was shot in the shoulder area, very close to one of her lungs. the shooting happened at about 11:15 in the city's western edition neighborhood. a group of men were arguing when one of them pulled out a gun and started firing. one of those bullets went into an apartment striking a girl who was there for a sleepover with her cousin. the victim's uncle heard six to seven shots and his niece came out and said she had been shot. >> she was alert. she talked to me all the time while she was shot until the ambulance arrived. and i told her, keep calm but stay awake, she didn't cry.
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she just said, i'm shocked. am i going to die? >> the victim's uncle says an ambulance arrived within a few minutes. police did detain three people last night for questioning, and have since made two arrests. those suspects are 18 and 19-year-old males, their names have not been released. the gang task force is in charge of this investigation. if you have any information about last night's shooting, you are asked to call san francisco live. live in san francisco, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. the death toll in norway is approaching 100. the results of two separate acts of what is believed to be domestic terrorism thought to be pulled off by a single man. police arrested the 32-year-old believed to be responsible for the explosion outside a government building and a 90 minute long massacre at an island youth camp. >> rescuers congregate on an island outside oslo looking for any sign of survivors.
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just released, photos of the summer youth camp hours before a man would open fire there and kill at least 85 people. norway's king, queen and prince as well as the prime minister talked to survivors and victim's relatives on saturday. >> i didn't even think it was going to happen, because i thought i was safe, it was a safe country. but it looks like it's difficult to -- you never know when you're safe any more. >> security was tight at the prime minister's office in oslo, where police believe the same suspect set off an explosion killing seven people. >> you are all very close, especially in times like this. >> reporter: police now have this man in custody for both attacks from the norwegian national broadcaster. he's described as a right wing extremist. investigators have not given a
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motive, but both attack sites were linked to the labor party, which hitchings norway's current coalition government, in the aftermath, leaders around the world express anywhere shock. >> and this tragedy strikes right at the heart of the soul of a peaceful people. norway is well known for its efforts to resolve skon flikts, bring people together and our hearts go out to their families and to the norwegian people and government. >> reporter: norwegians are now forced to grapple with one of the worst mass attacks in their nation's history. francis coe, nbc news. a day after talks aimed at avoiding a financial crisis broke down in washington, congressional leaders met once again with president barack obama today to try to solve the nation's debt crisis. john boehner who walked out on debt negotiations friday,
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answered the call to return to the white house today. congress and the president have until august 2nd to decide whether to raise the debt ceiling and avoid a catastrophic ly devastating zee fault. >> i think one of the questions the republican party is going to have to ask itself is, can they say yes to anything? >> the white house moved the goal post. there was an agreement on some additional revenues, until yesterday when the president demanded a $400 billion more. >> i think it's important. >> president obama still wants a grand plan, but says he will sign off on a deal that raises the debt ceiling just until 2013. a ground zero icon found its permanent home today. a cross made from beams from the detroit world trade center was moves from its temporary helm outside st. petersburg church in
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manhattan to the memorial museum just about 20 feet away. the cross was discovered standing upright in the rubble two days after the attacks. >> right in the midst of the smoke and the debris, the cross gets formed by the steel, and the way in which the building came down. it was like -- a sense that we weren't abandoned by god. >> reporter: this september 11th will mark the 10th anniversary of the attacks. the 911 memorial will open to the public the following day. china's most wanted fugitive was arrested in beijing today after he was deported from canada. chinese state tv showed video of him being escorted off an air canada flight. he ran a multibillion dollar smuggling operation in the 18990s.
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he fled to canada with his family in 1999, claimed refugee status, and has been fighting deportation for nearly 12 years. he will now face charges of smuggling, bribery, and tax evasion. state senator leyland ye wants to be the mayor of san francisco. he made it official friday by submitting a batch of signatures to city hall that put him over the 10,000 signatures necessary without paying a filing fee. he said he was looking forward to talking with voters about how to improve public schools, the environment and economy. he is a child psychiatrist. he was elected to the senate in 2006, and served three terms in the assembly. he does not have to resign from the senate to run for mayor. current mayor ed lee is not yet a candidate for the november 8 election. next at 5:00 -- ♪ >> a sad day for the music
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industry. we'll look back at the troubled life of pop star amy winehouse. a popular party place for south bay kids is closing its doors after three decades. and castro valley celebrated a first time event today. why it wasn't quite what they had planned. we're enjoying a pleasant start to the weekend so far. we have a strong sea breeze moving into san francisco with low clouds coming up in the seven-day forecast. we have a cooling trend and a warming trend. what it means for the rest of your weekend coming up.
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british pop singer amy winehouse has died. police confirmed a 27-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the singer's north london home.
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kirk gregory has more on winehouse's life. >> reporter: amy winehouse as well known for her troubles with drugs and alcohol as she was for her music. born into a working class family in london, she was accepted into a prestigious london theater school at the age of 12. she was expelled four years later. as she gained fame, winehouse was also making headlines for using drugs and alcohol. a day after winning three mtv music video awards in 2007, she was rushed to a hospital. she later admitted it was because of a drug overdose. the singer grabbed international headlines for a stand-off with her family over going to rehab, memorialized in her hit song. ♪ >> reporter: in and out of rehab, winehouse once told a reporter, rehab is great for some people, but not others.
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kirk gregory, nbc news. the heat wave that has gripped the midwest section of the country as well as parts of the eastern seaboard continued today. at least 22 people have reportedly died due to heat-related illnesses. families in new york were running to the beaches, in pittsburgh, firefighters had to use wet towels to stay cool. and in the nation's capital, the heat index topped 112 -- something that hasn't happened in more than a decade. >> it's too much. it's entirely too hot. what are you going to do? you just have to deal with it. forecasters are predicting a cool front from canada should provide some relief over the next couple days. by monday, temperatures could be back into the 90s. a popular place in the south bay is closing after three decades. today there was a little bit of the castro in castro valley as well. we'll explain.
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in the south bay, it's the end of an era. scott budman takes us for a finality spin around the floor. >> reporter: one last birthday party. one last chance to lace them up and roll away. after three decades in milpedes. cal skate is getting ready to close its doors, saying good-bye to generations of roller skaters. >> it's wonderful. i've been here, we've been going skating since i was a little kid. and to be now with my children here skating with them is wonderful. i hate to see it go. >> our memories that are going to keep going. >> reporter: chris saint germane's family has run the rink from the beginning. >> there's so much history. >> reporter: now, shutting down and making room for townhouses.
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they say they'll miss it and the people who have loyally come to skate through the years. >> we've even had third generation skating. we've had third generation working here. so it really does make you feel like a part of somebody's life. and, you know, that is probably the part that's making us closing the hardest. i know that i'm taking that out of their lives. zbltd music's a little different. but there is something cool about having skated here as a kid, and now embarrassing myself at my own kid's birthday parties. from here on out, it's going to have to be on something else other than this wood floor. memories on the floor, and memories lining the walls. all about to be packed up and rolled away. in milpedes, scott budman, nbc bay area news. the final farewell skate party is next sunday, july 31. after that, cal state will shut its doors for good. in alameda today, people took a moment to remember a bit
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of space history. the uss hornet is now home to the apollo capsule and quarantine trailer which carried the u.s. astronauts to the moon and back 42 years ago today. they tried to make the famous ship come alive for the public. >> this is the largest artifact left over from that particular event the. it was a very historic mission, the first humans to ever walk on another planetary body. when they returned to earth, it was the hornet that plucked them out of the u.s. ocean and brought them back to american soil. >> today's celebration, cone sided with the return of the final space shuttle mission, which ended a couple days ago. celebrating diversity, was the message at a gay pride rally in castro valley. it was originally scheduled to be the first gay pride parade in
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castro valley. a good sized crowd gathered in front of the castro community center, lending support to the lgbt community. >> i want to show everyone that you're not alone. people support you and love you even if you don't know their name and know where they live. there are people that support everything you're doing, and being yourself, and being comfortable with who you are and being as confident as possible. >> today celebrations did have its detractors, a small crowd of protesters set up across the streets. rob my aid saturday is here now with a check on the weather. another gorgeous day here. they're baking in other parts of the country. but nice day to get outside? >> yeah, pretty nice. we had beautiful weather around the bay area, friends and family east of the mississippi have been calling it awful. pretty nice for us today, still seeing low 80s inland. 77 right now in san jose, giving you a closer view with the
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temperatures around the south bay. northwest wind at 18, we're getting the late day sea breeze blowing into the santa clara valley. you have the low clouds starting to come on in, we're starting to see temperatures in the low 60s, we have the giants and brewers coming up tonight as well. you can expect more low clouds filling in across the bay. low temperature 60s dropping into the 50s as the game goes on. the low clouds are pretty well entrenched on the coastline. can you see them pulling back from those inland valley locations. we'll see the same pattern setting up as we head into tomorrow morning. you're seeing right now with the low clouds heading over the peninsula. these will spill inland tomorrow morning. we'll wake up with a chance of low clouds, including even in the east bay hills for the morning. as we head toward the afternoon, skies clear inland. the all-day sea breeze will keep temperatures cool on the coast. you can see a pretty healthy
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dose of fog being pumped inland as we head into monday morning. the trend, not much change temperaturewise. we're going to see a slight dip in temperatures as we head toward the second part of the new week. you'll see temperatures on the rise again. low clouds, a little bit of mist commenting it with some of that cloud cover overnight. should see pretty uniform temperatures thanks to the fact the low clouds come in, acting like a blanket, keeping our temperatures in the 50s. tomorrow, morgan hill southward will be in the 70s and 80s. another relatively cool day for san francisco. low 80s around san ramon and pleasant hill. 70s around movado and as you head up to port kuya, pretty nice. next weekend stay tune, we could see a large ridge of high pressure building which would mean 90s possibly late next
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week. >> thank you very much. let's get talk to henry wofford, comcast sportsnet is going to give us a look at what's coming up in sports. >> garvin, we are ready for another big day. a battle between two first place teams, the giants are just over a half hour away from taking on the brewers by the bay, look out, we have rion taking the hill for the orange and black. we go live to the ballpark and hear what bruce bochy thinks of his right hander.
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welcome back. henry wofford here in the csn
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newsroom with the xfinity sports report p.m. game two of the series is over a half hour away at china basin. let's go live to at&t park. jamie, ryan vogelsong on the hill tonight. >> reporter: tim lincecum posted an e.r.a. of 1.88 here at at&t pa park. that was the lowest ever. ryan vogelsong is on pace to break that mark. he's been lights out especially in front of the home fans here atat&t. >> it's an electric crowd. he always throws great in front of the home crowd. i think he throws great
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everywhere. he's trying to get guys out. maybe the electricity, the crowd, everything in one. >> he has great focus. we've talked about his concentration out there, and i think he does feed off the crowd and helps him even more. he's one of those guys, he doesn't talk long before the game, he starts getting the focus you like. he takes it out on the field. and to have the home crowd the way we've had all year, i think he does even better with them helping him out. >> and speaking of the starting pitching, barry zito will pitch in game two of that series in philadelphia, saying basically he wants to break up the right handed pitching once again. reporting live from at&t park, jamie sire for nbc bay area. >> thank you, jamie. the oakland a's were pounded by the yankees in new york. today they were back at it in
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the bronx. an early 10:00 a.m. start pacific time. let's take you to the big apple where the a's had some fireworks going on, looking to snap their losing streak to the guys in pinstripes. top of the third, a's down 1-0. josh willingham with a shot to left center, two-run shot, 13th of the season. 2-1 a's. hideki matsui with the solo shot. his eighth of the season to make it 4-2. bottom of the ninth now, andrew bailey. runner on third, robinson cano grounds out to win the game. the green and gold gets the win 4-3 is your final. that's it for now, i'll be back here at 6:00 for a look at a very special baseball team that has overcome some amazing odds. garvin, it's a great story, believe me you don't want to miss this. next at 5:00, a zoo where it's okay to feed the animals, at least for today.
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they took down the don't feed the animal signs at the oakland zoo today, at least for a short time. today they had their annual feed the beast event at the zoo. visitors were encouraged to donate fresh produce to help feed the animals. it's the zoo's biannual feast for the beast event. the first 250 guests at the door received a ticket. the visitors spread produce throughout the exhibit and then watched as the huge animals devoured their meals. it's pretty exciting. >> it's like an easter egg hunt for them. >> they let him in, then they got him out. >> that's the way to do it. >> thanks for watching nbc news at 5:00. "nightly news" is next. we have more local news for you at 6:00. right now we leave you with sights and sounds of the inaugural oakland jazz festival.


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